I knew I had this tab open for the past six months for a reason. This is excellent. And the First Speaker Problem is a term I will be using. It's a huge problem in these conversations.

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You make a lot of good points. The First Amendment is almost completely irrelevant to the issues around cancel culture which is speech between and among non-state speakers.

It’s really about what used to be called “civility.” The word barely exists any more. Maybe the concept never fully did but I have this unprovable sense that “civil,” “civility,” and “civics” are concepts of a bygone era. Proportionality in response is part of “civility.” So is focusing on ideas instead of jumping immediately to ad hominem attacks or reductive identitarian stereotyping. It’s kind of like the difference between a boxing match and a street brawl or mugging.

Ok I guess it’s now your turn to call me an old fashioned outmoded asshole and see if you can dig up some dirt on me.

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